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 Graduates’ Destinations

With the many interests our students have, it is no surprise they attend a wide variety of graduate programs upon completion of their bachelor’s program at University College Roosevelt. The majority of our students attend a graduate program in the Netherlands or United Kingdom.

Some of the more popular destinations for continued studies include Utrecht University, Oxford University, Leiden University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Erasmus University, Cambridge University and King’s College London. Generally speaking, the universities where UCR alumni continue their education score high in international rankings. 54.3% of the universities UCR alumni attend are ranked in the top 100, and 24.8% of universities are ranked between 101 and 200 in the QS World Ranking. Below you find a sample of programs UCR graduates have been admitted to.

Examples of (post-) graduate programs UCR graduates have been admitted to:

  • Click here for Arts & Humanities fields.
  • Click here for Science fields.
  • Click here for Social Science fields.
  • or take a look at all three, there are many varied fields in which our graduates end up.