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 Student Experiences

​​Mitchel Smolders

I am currently a 4th semester student at University College Roosevelt. While at UCR, I mostly focused on politics and international relations. However, I am not sure whether I want to do a master in these disciplines. A master would be great, but I have not yet decided whether I want to fully focus on these areas for the rest of my life. In the meantime, I am considering taking a gap year and going abroad. I would like to go back to Seoul where I studied for a while, in order to teach English to local schools and at the same time continue searching what I want to do in the future. But who knows, maybe I run into a master, job or internship I really like and all of my future plans will change. That’s the great thing about UCR, the possibilities and opportunities are endless!​


Sabina Weistra

I am fourth-semester student, majoring in Social Sciences, with tracks in Psychology and Anthropology, and minoring in Arts & Humanities in the field of Philosophy. I believe that the fields of Psychology and Philosophy are often intertwined, and I am very fascinated by the complexity of human nature and human relationships. At UCR I have been taking all the courses offered in the field of Psychology, and I would like to continue with a master in this area. Because our education system matches with the American/British model, I am going to apply for a master programme either in the UK or the US. 

My interest lies in children, and my master is probably going to be focused on child psychology. I would also like to work with parents who experience troubles with their children.

Besides this, I am also considering moving to the US for one year before starting with the master application process. UCR has given me the chance to broaden my horizons, and I would like to continue with my exploration of other places and cultures!​ 


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Mitchel Smolders



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Sabine Weistra