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 Common House Elliott

Education is far more than just books, professors and exams. The Common House is a place that serves as a social hub, a centre for all students but also professors and staff members to come together and truly develop themselves in a social setting – be this through working on group assignments, participating in for instance debates, theatre plays, conferences or art groups or just through sharing a meal or drink.

Elliott is located in a historic building very close to the school buildings. Having officially opened its doors in April 2014, Elliott is fully equipped with a student restaurant, study lounge, classrooms, meeting rooms, a bar and more. The Common House board tries to stimulate students further to share their thoughts, their experiences and their opinions, to encourage banter, disputation and simple relaxation with friends – those intangible, non-graded aspects of an education that can make the years spent at a university truly exceptional. Elliott is a common living room for all students, because only through the added factor of social academics one can truly make the most of university.​