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 Student Experiences

Tajha Chappellet-Lanier​

Tajha Chappellet Lanier.jpg 

After leaving home in California I spent time living in several big cities across Europe, but in the end I came to Middelburg, and to UCR, to study. The ease of living in a small but charming city appealed to me—no longer do I have to spend 45 minutes on a train making my way to class. I just hop on my bike, and within five minutes I am sitting in the classroom. Likewise the grocery store is a short walk from where I live and on Thursdays, at the Market in town, my regular vendors have begun to recognize me. And your social life, whether it be in Paris, London, or Middelburg, is completely what you make of it. The various committees and clubs at UCR organize plenty of events to keep us busy!

I live in Roggeveenhof, the biggest student housing location. In Roggeveen each student has his or her own room (except for a couple doubles), but each of our doors opens out into a hallway that is the site of many communal dinners, cocktail parties, sing-alongs, or game nights. This works well for me; everyone in my hallway is incredibly friendly and helpful (thanks, guys, for letting me borrow a can-opener all those times!) and I also have my room as a quiet place to come home to at the end of a long day.