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 The City of Middelburg

Middelburg is a vibrant, diverse and quaint old city and the provincial capital of Zeeland, located in the southwest of the Netherlands. The Middelburg city center, dating back as far as the first half of the ninth century, has a rich cultural heritage which can be seen throughout the historic city center. Middelburg, located on the former island of Walcheren, offers a diverse array of shops, pubs, restaurants and events. Located within travel distance of cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, Antwerp and Brussels, and within cycling distance of some of the country’s finest beaches, its unique location offers many great opportunities for the 600 University College Roosevelt students and its roughly 40.000 other inhabitants.

The inner city of Middelburg is home to over 1100 monumental buildings. In the midst of all these building you will easily find our main building, Franklin, the former city hall. The former late-Gothic style city hall was built by the famous Dutch-Flemish Keldermans architect’s family between 1452 and 1520. Adjacent to Franklin, you will find our other main buildings, aptly named Eleanor and Theodore.

If you are a prospective student, we would love to welcome you during a trip to Middelburg for one of our Open Days, or by signing up to be a Student for a Day.  Once you’ve been admitted, the RASA IntRaweek includes ample opportunity for new students to get to know Middelburg and some of its surrounding areas. For a first impression, we recommend this video.

For an overview of activities and events in Middelburg (in Dutch), you can also explore this site