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 Campus Life - The Importance of Community

Each student arrives at University College Roosevelt with a common set of goals: to make the most of the time here, study to the fullest potential, contribute to the group, enjoy student life and, most of all, leave UCR with a sense of accomplishment, ready for a bright future. These are some of the basic principles on which we base our interview procedure. All students are required to live on one of the four locations of our campus in Middelburg.

On campus, staff and students form a community of diverse talents, interests, skills and training. Each member of this community brings his or her own set of religious, cultural, political, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds to our campus. With this wide variety of backgrounds on one campus, each individual contributes to this unique community.

The pace of campus life varies from person to person; each student experiences moments of great academic activity as well as periods of quiet and concentrated study. However, the intensive course program also leaves students ample time to relax with friends or to participate in numerous extracurricular activities on and off campus.

Life on campus enriches the university experience and contributes to the academic success for all students. UCR boasts a highly dynamic environment and creates a tight network within which students can learn, live and thrive. When questioned what UCR alumni valued most, they mentioned the community and diverse social contacts, in addition to the academic skills acquired. This feeling lasts well beyond the years in Middelburg and is further fostered by Aurora, the UCR Alumni Association, once each student graduates. 

Additionally, UCR is intricately connected to the city of Middelburg, as we are part of the inner city of Middelburg. Right in the town's historic center, you will find the heart of UCR, namely our main buildings Franklin, Eleanor and Theodore. Our university library (Zeeuwse Bibliotheek) is located just a five-minute walk away. The science laboratories are located in Vlissingen, only 4 miles away from Middelburg, which is where the University of Applied Sciences, the Hogeschool Zeeland, is located. A 20-minute bike ride or 8-minute train trip will get you there easily.

All Roosevelt campus locations are easy to reach by bus or bicycle, and they are also within walking distance from the train station. For more information about the community, please read 'Community Feeling', in the 'After University College Roosevelt' section of the website.