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 Roosevelt's All Student Association

Roosevelt’s All Student Association, or RASA, is central to student life in Middelburg and serves as the facilitating factor in all kinds of extracurricular activities mainly organised by our many committees. Next to introducing new students to the social aspects of UCR during the second week of Orientation, RASA provides students with a platform for meaningful interaction during their studies.

RASA is not your average student association. When you join UCR, you automatically become a member of RASA and part of its diverse and active member base. It is RASA’s job to facilitate students’ interests and initiatives and to offer organisational, promotional, and financial support in order to help UCR maintain its vibrant and active student community.

RASA offers a platform for everyone and everything, from debates, guest lectures, and political, philosophical or psychological conversations and discussions to musical performances, plays, and musicals and from sports to regular parties, galas, and parties outside of Middelburg. Anyone can found a new committee if there is demand. That’s the best of all: RASA is yours.

For more information on RASA and all you would want to know, take a look at our website and our Facebook page. You can also visit us in Elliott during our office hours and of course always contact us with any questions you might have at


RASA board 2018-2019:

Elise Mertens - Chair

Ariel Teo - Secretary

Cas Visser - Treasurer - Treasurer

Aleksandar Gigov - Committee Affairs Officer

Nena Kos - Committee Affairs Officer

Guido Noteboom - Committee Affairs Officer

RASA board 2018.jpg

RASA Board 2018-2019

Rasa logo.png