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 Academic Facilities

​Teaching at University College Roosevelt primarily takes place in one of three main buildings, aptly named Franklin, Eleanor and Theodore, after the three best-known members of the UCR family.

Each of the three buildings is unique in appearance but offers slightly different facilities and services. All three buildings house classrooms and have a computer lab, quiet study areas, printing services and WiFi.

Theodore, our smallest building, mainly has classrooms. It also offers the Art Committee students a place to work on their art and pianos for music students. Here you can find classrooms 1 – 6, as Theodore was the first building we opened for classes in 2004. 

Eleanor houses the offices of most members of the teaching staff and the Board of Studies. In addition to classrooms, the ground floor offers students a common area to sit, socialize and study. In Eleanor you can find classrooms 7 – 12.

Our main building, Franklin, is the former city hall of Middelburg.  Housed in Franklin are the offices for UCR management, support staff and a number of members from the teaching staff. It also offers the students a secluded quiet study area, a theater rehearsal area and a music room. In Franklin you can find classrooms 12 – 17, plus the rehearsal areas on the top floor.

The university library is located within the Library of Zeeland, a ten-minute walk from Franklin. A fully functional laboratory is at our disposal through our collaboration with the University of Applied Science, the Hogeschool Zeeland.