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Bachtensteene, also known as Willibrord, is UCR’s newest campus location and is located in the heart of beautiful Middelburg. Currently about 60 UCR students call it their home. Every one of them enjoys the short walking distance to UCR since it is located literally right next to the school. This campus location provides you with your own spacious room, own bathroom and high speed Internet. A large kitchen with 20 stoves is shared by all house residents and is ideal to socialize and share meals with friends from all over the world. Students are also permitted to use their own hot plate and fridge in the little kitchen area in their room, which comes with a kitchen sink and plenty of storage area. Furthermore every floor has a laundry room (washing machines and dryers). The common rooms are located on each floor and are popular to have dinner with friends, have floor drinks, have study sessions or to just hang out. Willibrord/Bachtensteene gives you the opportunity to balance social life with your own privacy. ​

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