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At the heart of student life there is Koestraat: A vibrant four-story campus location. The top three floors provide student housing with a total number of 122 rooms, eight of which are double rooms. The top floor offers incredible views over the magnificent town and beyond. The individual rooms sizes range from 14 to approximately 35 square meters, suiting individual preferences and budget.

The spacious rooms are all equipped with a private kitchen, fridge, hotplate and bathroom with shower. All rooms have high-speed internet access and cable-tv connection. Neat and cozy common rooms were created on every floor for social life and relaxation. Students will find themselves here often for floor dinners, drinks and small-scale parties. Besides, the building has several facilities such as a lift, a bicycle shed, and a laundry room on each floor, with several washing machines and dryers. Koestraat is located at a 5 minute walk from UCR and the town center. An extra convenience, the supermarket is located just across the street!

At Koestraat you have all the amenities of city life, while living in a vibrant community of friends.