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Just outside the city center is Roggeveen, a seven-story building, known for its coziness and great floor dinners. The top four floors have amazing views, either of Middelburg’s historic center or of the Zeeuwsche landscape. When the weather is clear, you can even see as far as the beach. The building has 180 rooms, of which 5 rooms have a balcony and 12 rooms are double rooms. All rooms are approximately 20 m2 and have private kitchen and bathroom facilities. Furthermore, there are 3 common rooms (which can be used for dinners, parties and homework sessions) and 3 laundry rooms, which can be used without charge by all inhabitants. Elevators and a covered bike shed are present.

A floor has two corridors, the ‘long’ corridor houses 16 students and the ‘short’ corridor houses 10 students. Each corridor has their own Floor Elder, who organizes fun activities, such as floor dinners and drinks. The fact that everyone has their private kitchen and bathroom, together with the Floor Elder system, makes for a great atmosphere in the building, helping you get the most out of campus life. A supermarket is just at 5 minute walk away and UCR is at a 10 minute walk or a 5 minute bike ride.

Living in Roggeveen allows you to enjoy your own freedom, without missing any social aspects of living on campus.