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 Our Campus Locations

A unique Inner-City Campus

University College Roosevelt boasts a unique inner-city campus. The city of Middelburg has graciously become host to our college community.  UCR members are visible on nearly all levels of Middelburg society, from the UCR flyers announcing the next Culture Week at the local cafés to students volunteering at the Red Cross desk or the local home for the elderly just around the corner from our main academic building. Middelburg is our campus, and we are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful city.

Just a two-minute walk from our main academic building, Franklin, you will find Elliot, the student-run Common House, which offers a home to Roosevelt  Student Association (RASA) and provides students with a place to socialize, study and enjoy various student activities.  But when possible, it also offers citizens of Middelburg a chance to interact with students. Most of all, it offers students a great place to sit and eat, with a café on the ground floor.

Housing in Middelburg

UCR students are required to live in one of the 600 dorm rooms available throughout the inner city of Middelburg. All student dormitories are within a five- to ten- minute walk of our main academic buildings.  Unlike most other university cities in the Netherlands, UCR students are guaranteed accommodation throughout their three-year stay in Middelburg. More information about UCR student housing can be found via the Housing Affairs Council or Villex

Currently, there are four main student dormitories: Bachtensteene, the Bagijnhof, the Roggeveen, and the Koestraat. There are also some secondary locations called: Zuidsingel and Zusterstraat. The four main campus locations have their own Campus Elder, who is around to help students with housing related problems. Also, all locations have Floor or House Elders, who organize social activities on campus such as dinners, drinks, etc. All campus locations are very close to all academic buildings and the city center. Altogether, there are 600 student rooms in Middelburg's city center for UCR students. All four locations have laundry facilities and internet connections.

Students with Dutch nationality who live in Bachtensteene, the Roggeveen or the Koestraat can apply for what is known as a huurtoeslag. Some EEA students are eligible for some governmental rent reimbursement, too; Villex or the Housing Affairs Council​ can provide you with more information. 

Useful Links

For more information on student housing, please check the Villex website or call 0180-532000​.

For more information on Huur- en Zorgtoeslag, please go to the the special toeslagen site.