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 The UCR Scholarship

​The UCR Scholarships are allocated for a maximum of one academic year. Students may apply for a Friends of UCR-loan for their second and third year. There is also a clear separation of the admissions procedure and the scholarship allocation process.

General conditions

Scholarship applicants need to make a strong case in order to be considered for a scholarship.

The total amount available for scholarships is limited; the maximum amount for any given scholarship is € 7.500, and most scholarships range from € 2.500 to € 5.000. Only newly admitted candidates are eligible for scholarships; currently enrolled students are not considered.

Only students from non EEA/EU countries can apply for a scholarship. An exception is made for students from Bulgaria and Romania. In very exceptional cases, students form EEA (except Dutch nationalities) can also apply. Priority, however, is given to non EEA students.


Students who have indicated a financial need on their application form will receive a budget form from the Office of Admissions after they have been admitted at UCR.

Applicants need to clearly indicate the amount they have at their disposal, not including potential (i.e. unpredictable) income from summer or part-time jobs.


Complete financial application packages will be passed on to members of the Scholarship Committee for a needs assessment after the student has been admitted.


The final decisions will be made by the Scholarship Committee. Decisions will be need-based with the intention of offering scholarships to as many applicants as possible.


The final decision will be communicated to the applicant in a letter (separate from the admissions decision) by the Managing Director. All scholarships will be in the form of tuition waivers. The award letter clearly states the amount awarded, which will be waived from the total amount on the UCR invoice.

Students who receive a scholarship are expected to inform the Managing Director about any substantial improvement to their financial situation. Scholarships can then be diminished or withdrawn and spent on other students in need.

Students applying for this scholarship starting in the Spring semester, will only receive for half an academic year.