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 Financial support for students from non-EU/EEA countries

​Tuition fees 

At UCR we realize students come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds and that their financial considerations may be vastly different. We therefore have a payment plan available: students have the option of paying their yearly tuition fee in one or five installments.
However, if you require a residence permit to study in the Netherlands, you have to pay the full first year tuition fee before you start your residence permit application.  

UCR Scholarship

For highly qualified international students from Romania, Bulgaria, or non-EU/EEA countries who face prohibitive costs, UCR has a number of partial scholarships available. Tuition fees for these students are higher and, in general, these students have no work permit and far more restricted loan privileges.

More information ​

US Federal Student Loans (U.S. citizens only)

Utrecht University and therefore UCR is certified for Federal Direct and Plus loan. This means you can apply for a federal loan while studying at UCR or Utrecht University. You can find more information on Federal Direct Loans here​. ​ 



An excellent way to find out whether you qualify for any additional grants or scholarships is Nuffic's Grantfinder, which allows you to search for available grants and scholarships.

For an overview of all scholarship programs at Utrecht University, please check