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 Opening Outdoor Classroom

What better place to ‘open the mind’ than via an outdoor classroom? On the 9th of September, the Metamorphosis public space was formally opened by the Middelburg municipality. 

The Metamorphosis space is situated on UCRs central square, and will be a place for outdoor classes, debates, reflections and for connecting with the city at large. It was designed by Sophie Krier, who leads UCRs Arts & Design track, and is made out of old wooden beams shaped like an old anatomical theatre. 

The classroom was inspired by Johannes Goedaert, the expert observer whose detailed paintings of butterflies were so accurate that they form the basis of the Metamorphosis theory. During an opening lecture on Metamorphosis in philosophy, Dean Van den Brink emphasized how many aspects of UCRs educational philosophy come together in its newest classroom – Aristotle’s ideas on ‘opening the mind’ via education, Heraclitus’ focus on dialectics and the Roosevelts’ ideals of public engagement. 

Next to ‘liberating the mind’, the highly acclaimed Metamorphosis public space also stands for a next aspect of UCRs: a love of the arts, and of sheer beauty.​

Picture by Sjoerd Knibbeler. Dean Bert van den Brink opens the Metamorphosis space wearing the gown designed especially for this purpose. The gown features designs by Johannes Goedaert, who was the inspiration for this space.